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The Introduction of the New Campus

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The Introduction of the New Campus of Hebei University

The New Campus of Hebei University is part of Hebei University. It is close to the Jingzhu Expressway and near to Baoding East Railway Station, covering 1545 acres with a gross area of 690 thousand square meters. The New Campus consists of two parts: Teaching Area and Kunyu Living Area. The total area for teaching and administration in the teaching area is 206 thousand square meters. In the living quarters, students' dormitory covers 139.7 thousand square meters.

The New Campus has top-ranking computer rooms and laboratories, whose scale and designing in line with international standards. For its library, its collection of books ranks No.1 in Hebei province, designing the network control center, linking to the campus network of the old campus by optical cable, and achieving the shared network resources. Around the teaching area, the study atmosphere is dense; the environment is beautiful; the teaching buildings are great; magnificent and special. Around the living quarters, the trees are lush, the flowers are flourishing and fragrant; the service facility is equipped and completed. It is filled with elegant, keen and modern university atmosphere, to leave people the strong impression-dense and lively.

The introduction of Institute

New Campus of Hebei University consists of College of Political Science and Law, College of Journalism and Communications, College of Foreign Languages, College of Computer Science and Technology, College of Quality and Technical Supervision (completed the moving from the old campus to new campus on 18 May 2016), College of Arts, Hebei University – College of Central Lankaixia Media Creative and so on; these 7 colleges and other Industrial and Commercial College Comprehensive Undergraduate Independent Colleges and Universities are the parts of the new campus.

College of Political Science and Law: Law, Politics and Administration, Social Work, Philosophy

College of Journalism and Communications: Journalism, Broadcasting and Hosting, Television Broadcasting Science, Advertising, Editing and Publishing Science

College of Foreign Languages: English, Japanese, Russian, French, Korean

College of Computer Science and Technology: Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering

College of Quality and Technical Supervision: Quality Management Engineering, Measurement Technology and Instrument, Safety Engineering, Mechanical Design-Manufacture and Its Automation

College of Arts: Musicology, Dance, Literature of Theatre Film and Television, Radio and Television Editor, Animation, Painting, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design

Hebei University – College of Central Lankaixia Media Creative: Television Broadcasting Science, Film and Television, Advertising, Animation, Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design

Industrial and Commercial College: Divisions of Business and Management, Division of International Cultural Exchange, Division of Information Science and Engineering, Division of Economic

The distribution of Bulidings:


Distribution of the Teaching Area

The structure of teaching area is more neat, which mainly from east to west there are three columns called A, B, C teaching buildings, and from south to north ranging from 1to 6( No 4 and 5 in column C). Namely the teaching buildings are A1-A6, B1-B5, C1-C3, C6. The northwestern side of A6 is the library that is about to be built; on the west side of C6 there are large and magnificent Handan Concert Hall and a Physical Examination Center. The north side is the playground.

Distribution of College Office District

The office area of the college is located in the teaching building B and C. A6 is the administrative area of School of Journalism and Communication. B1 is the comprehensive office building of Liberal Arts and there is the office area of Institute of Political Science and Law. B2 is the office area of HBU-UCLan School of Media, Communication and Creative Industries. Liberal arts laboratory building is B4. B5 is the office area of College of Foreign Language. C1 is the administrative area of College of Computer Science and Technology. C6 is the location of Institute of Arts. Industry and Commercial College’s Youth League Committee is on the second floor of the new dining hall (southeast corner of the Living Area). There is a teaching building which is prepared for  Quality Supervision Institute under construction near the Handan Concert Hall.

Classroom for Self-study

From the building A1 to building A6 are classrooms. Now take the building A1 as a temporary library on the 1-3 floors because the new library has not been completed. The open hours of the library from Monday to Friday is 8:00-11:30am、14:30-18:00pm、19:00-22:00pm,Saturday is 19:00-22:00pm,Sunday is 14:00-22:00pm (the library close on Wednesday morning). There are special classrooms for Institute of Arts in the building A2, and B3 is a public computing centers and Public Laboratory Building ( to have computer classes and networks self-study ). The classrooms are used for having classes except handling official business, and also as self-study rooms.(Note that no cycling in the Teaching Area)

Active Region

There is a small square between C3 and C6, which has the flag raising ceremony and other activities. Major events will be held at Handan Concert Hall which is in the west of the building C6. The most north of the Teaching Area is the sports field, and from west to east which have a basketball court, cement playground, plastic playground in order. Furthermore, it is also excellent to take a walk beside the Lake which is unique between A3 and B3. There are some student’s activities are held on the Landscape Parkway In the Living Area.

生活区北门 North Gate of the living area

生活区南门 South Gate of the living area

工商银行 the Industrial and Commercial Bank(ICBC)

超市The supermarket 食堂 Canteen

尚饮食府 Shangyin Food Hall 考研培训Postgraduate Training

圆台Circular Truncated Cone 坤舆湖Kunyu Lake 操场 Playground

馨逸楼Xinyi Dormitory  馨宁楼Xinning Dormitory

馨源楼Xinyuan Dormitory  馨雅楼Xinya Dormitory

馨清楼Xinqing Dormitory

快递Express Delivery  水果店Fruit Store 水房 Water House

移动联通服务区China Mobile and Unicom Service Area

照相打印Photography and Print 生活商务区 Living Business District

小白楼 The White Building 厚泽楼 Houze Dormitory

厚望楼 Houwang Dormitory厚朴楼 Houpu Dormitory

绿化区Green Area 医务室The Infirmary 

信香楼 Xinxiang Dormitory 信然楼Xinran Dormitory

信佳楼Xinjia Dormitory 信士楼 Xinshi Dormitory

音乐喷泉 Music Fountain 景观大道Landscape Parkway