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Reynold Verret, the principal of Xavier University, won the Advanced Individual Award of Global Confucius Institute in 2018

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        After the HBU Confucius Institute of Xavier University won the award of Advanced Confucius Institute in 2016, principal Verret stood out of 548 Confucius Institutes and 1193 Confucius Classrooms around the world, conferred an honorary title of “Global Advanced Individual Award in 2018”.

        Since he took office in 2015, Dr. Verret has remarkably promoted the development of various work of the Confucius Institute at Xavier University with his strong leadership, and expressed his support for the Confucius Institute on many occasions inside and outside the school. His support makes the teaching order of Xavier's Confucius Institute stable, where cultural activities become more colorful,  test sites of HSK are increased, and the scale of Chinese teaching is expanded, so that its benefit area is rapidly broadened and the Institute creates a deeper cooperation with HBU.

        Under the co-construction between Xavier University and HBU, Xavier's Confucius Institute has become the backbone of Chinese teaching programs in the southern part of the United States, and played a leading role in spreading Chinese language and culture, and made great contributions to the humanistic exchange between America and China!