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The foreign experts of HBU took part in the second exchange activity of “Baoding Is My Home-Foreign Friends in Baoding”

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        On December 21st, the second exchange activity of “Baoding Is My Home-Foreign Friends in Baoding” was held successfully in Baoding, and about one hundred foreign experts and scholars living and working in Baoding participated in this activity. This activity was hosted by Bureau of Human Resources & Social Security of Baoding and Bureau of Foreign Experts of Baoding, aiming at embodying the government’s humanistic concern for foreign friends in this city, building a bridge of friendship and an internationalized exchange platform and gathering the intelligence and power of foreign talents.

        Staffs of International Cooperation Office and 15 foreign experts of HBU took part in this exchange activity. A Polish expert named Simon Lucas Gleber and teachers of Cambridge Whalton International School presided over this meeting jointly; HBU foreign students showed a selection of Chinese traditional Pingju opera called Reporting Flower Names and a poetry reading called Long Live the Youth. The award ceremony was added to this activity to encourage and commend the units and individuals who had outstanding performances in bringing in talents and intelligence. HBU won the “2018 Outstanding Organization Award” in this exchange activity of “Baoding Is My Home-Foreign Friends in Baoding”, and Wang Congcong of International Cooperation Office was conferred an honorary title of “2017-2018 Excellent Foreign Affairs Clerk”.

        In 2018, HBU employed 43 person-times of short-term and long-term foreign experts from 15 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Malaysia and India. The Korean expert An Renhuan of our university was conferred the Yanzhao Friendship Award. What’s more, we applied for residence permits for work valid for 3-5 years for three overseas high-level talents, and applied for Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents (foreign talents visa) for Prof. Christopher Pissarides, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics. As an important part of the teacher resources of HBU, the foreign experts mentioned above took part in teaching, scientific research, young and middle-aged teachers study abroad project and foreign language training for teachers and students, and played a prominent role in the development of internationalization of our university.