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Hebei University and Northern University of Malaysia Hold Online Event to Promote Cooperation & Exchanges

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On June 15, Hebei University (HBU, Wusi Road Campus) and Northern University of Malaysia (UUM) hold online talks regarding cooperation & exchanges.

Zalina Binti Zainal and Diara Binti Md. Jadi, deputy deans of School of Economics, Finance & Banking, UUM (SEFB), Lim Hock Eam, professor of SEFB attend the talks, together with Cheng Xinxuan, dean of School of Economics, HBU, Xing Huibin, deputy director of the Office of International Cooperation, Zhu Changcun, deputy dean of School of Economics, and associate professor Guo Xiaohui.

Before the talks, both sides watch promotional videos of the two universities. Then Zalina and Cheng specifically introduce discipline development, scientific research, talent cultivation, international exchanges of the two schools respectively. During the talks, both sides reach an agreement on cooperation in terms of visiting scholars, exchanges of teacher and student, international conferences, talent cultivation, and will be in close contact with each other to conduct deeper communications about relevant cooperation efforts. In the end, the representatives of the two universities sign cooperation agreements online.