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Foreign Teachers and Students in Hebei University Attend the Event of “Go to the Jingxiu district, to experience the charm of Dajidian village”

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On July 15, Hebei University organized its foreign teachers and students to attend the event of “Go to the Jingxiu district, to experience the charm of Dajidian village”, jointly held by the Office of the Foreign Affairs Working Committee of the CPC Baoding Municipal Committee and the Propaganda Department of the Jingxiu District Committee. 13 foreign teachers and students from nine countries, respectively, Russia, Portugal, Japan, Egypt, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Bangladesh, Niger, Guinea, attended this event and enjoyed the beauty of the ancient town with thousand-years history.

Foreign teachers and students walked into the millennium ancient village Dajidian, visited its villages, village history museums, homestays, learned old tunes, listened to cross talk, and experienced a series of intangible cultural heritage handicraft projects such as tie-dyeing, paper-cutting, and movable type printing. They explored and experienced the mode of the integration between traditional Chinese cultures and villages in person, and fully explored and felt the profoundness of the history and culture that has been passed down for thousands of years. This event organically combined rural revitalization with traditional culture, allowing foreign friends to experience the inheritance and charm of China's intangible cultural heritages while enjoying the beauty of the northern water town.

Mohamed, an Egyptian foreign teacher, said: “The scenery of the Dajidian is so beautiful and amazing. We only initially understood Dajidian on TV or the media before. After this event, we find that it is really terrific. Here the river passes through the village, and the homestays have their own characteristics, which are very perfect for vacation. This Chinese beautiful village catches our eyes.”

Hima Oumarou Souleymane, a student from Niger, said: “Dajidian Village has a beautiful environment and the villagers are very enthusiastic. In today's event, we experienced tie-dyeing, paper-cutting and movable type printing, from which we feel the profoundness of Chinese culture.”

This event is the third issue of “Foreigners Visit Baoding”, which is organized by the Office of the Foreign Affairs Working Committee of the CPC Baoding Municipal Committee. It aims to tell the story of Baoding and spread the voice of Baoding. All foreign teachers and students in this event are based in Hebei University. This event allowed foreign friends to deeply experience and witness the successful path of rural revitalization in Baoding, truly feel the great achievements of China's poverty alleviation efforts, and deeply understand the connotation of Baoding's construction of a modern city with quality life. This event has produced a good social response. Many media such as China News, Chtangyao, Baoding Daily, and Jingxiu Converging Media have successively interviewed and reported on the foreign teachers and students of our school.

Our school has always adhered to the opening of education to the outside world, and adopted a variety of popular forms to let foreign teachers and students understand the great achievements of China's reform and opening up. Through in-depth experience and exchanges, foreigners can have a deeper understanding of the essence of traditional Chinese cultures and the development of China’s economy and its society. In the future, our school will further strengthen the links and cooperation with the provincial and municipal foreign affairs departments, continue to carry out a series of events to experience culture with the participation of foreign teachers and students, tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese voices, and help improve international communication.