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HBU Pharmacology and Toxicology Ranked ESI Top 1%

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On March 15, Clarivate Analytics released the ESI data for March. Hebei University's disciplines of pharmacology and toxicology have entered the top 1% globally for the first time, making it the sixth discipline at our school to enter the top 1% in ESI rankings after chemistry, materials science, engineering, clinical medicine, and plant and animal science. This marks a significant achievement in the development of pharmaceutical and related disciplines at our school. Entering a new stage of high-quality development, the school is coordinating the advancement of collaborative construction at the national and provincial levels and the construction of “Double First-Class” initiatives. Focusing closely on the disciplines of Yan and Zhao culture, life sciences, and green development, the school is innovating development concepts, integrating high-quality resources, promoting interdisciplinary integration, focusing on national strategic needs, strengthening basic theoretical and applied research, and significantly enhancing the comprehensive strength and academic influence of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, clinical medicine, pharmacy, and ecology.