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The Delegation of the 21st Century Institute Visited HBU

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On 25th March, the president of the 21st Century Institute Liao Jingshi, director of Beijing Representative Office Ding Yan, Project Director Guo Chunna visited Hebei University.

In Room 805 of the main building, the vice-president YangXuexin met the president Liao and their party members and expressed the hope to broaden the communication channel about academic exchange between American Colleges through cooperation with the 21st Century Institute. President Liao also introduced part of their Program. Director of the International Cooperation Office Li Xiaoliu and deputy director Liang Weige, dean of College of Management Yang Huilian and deputy president Jin Shengyong, deputy president of Institute of Political Pcience and Law Cheng Yuzhong, officer in charge of the relative courses and the staff from the International Cooperation Office had a conversational exchange of teachers and students with American College and cooperation in running school with president Liao and their delegation.

During the stay, President Liao also visited the school library and had a look at the Great Universal Geographic Map, etc.

The 21st Century Institute was jointly founded in the 1980s by the American Academic Institutions, famous enterprises and scholars, businessmen and officials of the government and was approved by the federal government to be a nonprofit cultural education institution.The institute is the overseas training channel (channel number: 990030) approved by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs. It is also the Workstation Knowledge Introduction of Hebei Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs.