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The People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of Hebei Selected Student Representatives of Our School to Support Japan's Fight Agains

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On May 18th, the Japanese channel of People's Daily broadcast the video of five student representatives of our school to support Japan's fight against COVID-19, which is named as “Undergraduates of Hebei Province Cheer on Japan”.

Following the national college students exchange delegation to Japan, 21 excellent students of our school were sent to Japan for friendly exchanges from November 23th to 30th in 2019. This visit is successful since it has expanded the mutual understanding between the teenagers of two countries and improved our friendship. After the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, the county magistrate of Nagano Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture of Japan, which have formed friendly ties with Hebei, delivered the speech to support Hebei's fight against COVID-19 and donated supplies needed for the prevention and treatment of epidemics. Presently, the epidemic situation in Hebei has been under control, with its working and living conditions gradually back to normal. However, the epidemic situation in Japan is not optimistic. Some regions there remain in critical condition. As a bridge of friendship between China and Japan, students also play an essential role in our future. Thus, five student representatives in our school who have participated in the Japan visit have recorded a video (Click to watch the video: http://japan.people.com.cn/n1/2020/0518/c432504-31713637.html) to show our sincere condolences and support for Japan's fight against COVID-19.