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[Lecture] On the symmetry of Riemann-Finsler manifolds

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Date and Time: May 31 (Friday) 8:30


Location:  Room 514 , Main Building, Main Campus


Guest: Prof. Deng Shaoqiang


Guest’s Background:  Deng Shaoqiang is the professor and doctoral supervisor of Mathematics School, Nankai University.


Summary: In this talk, we will survey the recent results on the study of symmetry of Riemannian and Finslerian manifolds. The main topics will include affine symmetric Finsler spaces, locally and globally symmetric Finsler spaces, weakly symmetric Finsler spaces. We will show that, if k is greater than or equal to 2, then a k-fold symmetric Riemannian manifold must be globally symmetric. This means that there is no intermediate stage between weakly symmetric spaces and globally symmetric spaces.



The event is sponsored by College of Mathematics and Information Science , Hebei University