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[Symposium] International Symposium on “Tools and Methods for Stabilizing Growth, Adjusting Structure and Preventing Risks”

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Date and Time: June  19  (Wednesday) 8:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30


Location:  Room 209 ,  New campus Library



ReportⅠ Do Female and Ethnic Minority Directors Impact a Firm’s Long-Term Financial and Non-Financial Performance?

Guest: Haiyan Zhou   The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


Report ⅡLitigation and Investor Protection

Guest: Wang Yanchao  Central University of  Finance and  Economics


Report Ⅲ Modifications to Corporate Governance Rankings on Market Reactions and Credit Ratings.

Guest:  Yi-Hui Tai   Ming Chuan University

 Richard Hwang   California State University San Marcos


Report Ⅳ Research on Selection Method about Wide Range of Yield and Steady Growth, Structural Adjustment, Risk Prevention Policy Tools

Guest: Zhao Lisan  Hebei University


Report Ⅴ How do auditors perceive and respond to client firms’ technological peer pressure?  Evidence from going-concern opinions.

Guest: Joseph Zhang   The University  of  Memphis


Report Ⅵ Do Auditors Consider Clients’ Compliance with Environmental Regulations?

Guest: Yue Li    University  of  Toronto


Report Ⅶ Troubled Asset Relief Program and Earnings Informativeness.

Guest: Jan Smolarski   Rowan University

 Jose Vega   Stephen F. Austin State University


Report Ⅷ Does Audit Partner Workload Compression Affect Audit Quality?

Guest:  Nan Zhou   University  of  Cincinnati


Report Ⅸ Review on Theory and Practice of Stabilizing Growth, Adjusting Structure and Preventing Risks

Guest: Wang Dashu  BEIJING University




The event is sponsored by School of Economics,School of Management , Accounting Development Research Center,Hebei University